•    Past Shows   

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    March 6th – the Red Bike (Vashon)

    November 1st – Studio 66 even @ lo_fi
    July 21st – Neumo’s w/ Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 and Cascadia ‘10
    July 18th – the Red Bike (Vashon)
    July 17th – Olympic Sculpture Park for SAM Summer Music Series
    June 28th – Rhythm & Rye (Olympia)
    June 27th – Darrell’s Tavern w/ Swindler
    June 24th – Feedback Lounge
    May 30th – Highway 99 Blues Club with Kissing Potion
    May 24th – NW Folklife, Mural Ampitheatre
    May 2nd – Nectar Lounge, NW Folklife PreFest w/ Picoso, Clinton Fearon & the Braxmatics
    March 22nd – Red Bike, Vashon Island
    March 4th – Tractor Tavern for Mardi Gras with TubaLuba & the Braxmatics
    January 24th – Highway 99 Blues Club with Kissing Potion
    March 4th – Mardi Gras celebration @ the Tractor Tavern with Tubaluba & the Braxmatics

    November 1st – High Dive with the Braxmatics
    September 21st – Conor Byrne with the Fat Kids
    August 3rd – lo_fi gallery for Studio 66
    June 1st – the Red Bike (Vashon Island)
    April 27th – Musiquarium Lounge
    March 17th – Nectar Lounge w/Shifltless Layabout
    March 15th – Darrell’s Tavern (Shoreline) w/ Johnny Astro
    February 15th – Comet Tavern w/the Fat Kids and Snug Harbor

    December 11th – The Tractor Tavern w/Kissing Potion, Thaddillac, & Satellite 4
    November 10th – The Red Bike (Vashon Island)
    October 26th – High Dive, with the Braxmatics & Richie Aldente
    October 6th – Seattle Weekly’s Reverb Music Festival
    August 29th – Nectar Lounge, with the Gravity Kings and Caffeine
    August 18th – Pilchuck River Blues Festival w/ Lydia Pense & Cold Blood
    June 29th – Conor Byrne Pub, with the Brown Edition
    June 15th – Fremont Fair
    June 8th – Columbia City Theater, Noise for the Needy Festival w/ the Staxx Brothers & Philana
    April 21st – the Sunset Tavern – “Good Side” EP Release Party w/ Haiku-Chi
    March 30th – El Corazon w/ JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound, and Bonneville Power
    March 9th – Darrell’s Tavern (Shoreline) w/ Soul Jelly
    February 23rd – the Wild Buffalo (Bellingham) w/Snug Harbor and Superfire


    December 10th – the White Rabbit w/ the Georgetown All Stars
    December 9th – the Eastside Tavern (Olympia) w/ the Brown Edition
    December 3rd – the Red Bike (Vashon)
    November 11th – the Conor Byrne Pub w/ the Gravity Kings
    October 20th – the Seamonster Lounge
    September 17th – Teatro Zinzanni’s “Mezzo Lunatico”
    August 27th – the Red Bike (Vashon)
    August 19th – the Scarlet Tree w/ the Braxmatics
    July 15th – Nectar Lounge w/ LBD & Mod0
    June 25th – Rock and Roll Marathon – technically, this means we opened up for Everclear
    June 11th – the Comet Tavern / Noise For the Needy festival – w/Furniture Girls, Dyslexic, and Cascadia ‘10
    May 28th – the Comet Tavern w/Panda Conspiracy & the Braxmatics
    May 7th – lo_fi performance gallery, Studio 66 event, w/ Brother James & the Soul-vation
    March 26th – the Scarlet Tree, w/ Soul Jelly
    March 4th – Nectar Lounge, w/ the New Mastersounds & the Fox Street All Stars
    January 29th – Hard Rock Cafe w/Haiku-Chi & Thaddillac


    September 24th – Nectar Lounge w/Roxbury Pound & Swampdweller
    August 20th – The Red Bike, Vashon Island
    August 13th – Nectar Lounge w/Haiku-Chi & Down North
    July 11th – Ballard Seafood Fest, main stage
    July 9th – Nectar Lounge, w/ Acorn Project, Olympic Sound Collective, DJ Skeg
    June 26th – the Jet Bar, Mill Creek, w/ Down North
    June 25th – the Scarlet Tree w/ Tuba Luba & The Southside Players
    June 11th – Noise For The Needy, Belltown Underground Events Center
    May 16th – University District Street Fair
    May 8th – the Scarlet Tree w/ Thaddillac
    April 16th – Nectar Lounge w/ Black Cherry Crush & Olympic Sound Collective
    April 7th – Nectar Lounge, private event
    March 6th – Nectar Lounge, w/ Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme, and Kissing Potion
    January 15th – ToST Lounge w/ Soul Deluxe


    November 21st – ToST Lounge, w/ Shiftless Layabout
    November 14th – the Skylark Lounge, w/ Supermassive & the Satellite 4
    October 31st – Conor Byrne w/ Soul Deluxe
    September 19th – ToST Lounge, w/ the Satellite 4
    August 25th – the Sunset Tavern, w/ the Nepotistas & DJ Marc of Emerald City Soul Club
    July 31st – ToST Lounge, w/ DJ Motion Potion & Blu Meadows (8 lbs. 9 oz.)
    May 23rd – High Dive, w/ Kissing Potion, and Shiftless Layabout
    May 9th – the Twisted Cork